Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy Day Fun!!!

So I've been trying to be a bit more creative and think of things that I can do with my little man! Since I'm not creative enough to think of these things on my own...I figured id try a little thing called pinterest! :) With the help of my bff I finally figured out how to actually find the "recipes" for things and I also figured how to make my own boards for different things...I'm now addicted...ohhhh great!!!! One of the first things I found was how to make homeade playdoh and our first go at it was a success!!! Ill have to remember for the next time not to get my hopes up about all the different colors because they are eventually going to all get smashed together! All in all it was so much fun to do a "craft" with my little man and I can't wait to do the next one....smashed cotton balls!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preggo pics!

I know it's weird that my 12 week belly looks bigger than my 16 week belly but I just got done eating in the 12 week photo...

little weekend get~a~way

This past weekend my man and I went for a little weekend get-a-way to St. Louis' "Fun Ford Weekend". It was so nice getting to spend a little Adam and Missy time but this momma missed her baby so much!! Every time I'd see a little one get excited about the races or walking hand in hand with daddy it pulled a little heart string! Nonetheless we had a great time together!! So my man is a big gear head and has a 66 Ford Falcon that he has been working on for about the past 4 years and is now ready to sell so we took it down to hopefully sell it!  There wasn't a car sale going on like we thought so Adam entered it in the car show. At first he wasn't going to enter it in the competition but after looking around a bit he found that his was the only one with a custom paint job. So, we walked back up to the registration tent and signed 'er up!  It was a good thing we did 'cause my man won THREE AWARDS!!!! He won Top 25 on the first about being tickled!! All he could say was "...out of all these cars...!?!" with his big ol' adam ray grin :) The second day he won Best Pro Street and Best Engineered!! I'm so so proud of him...yeah I get a little bitter and a little sassy when he spends endless nights in the garage (he's been out there from the time he gets home from work till the time he goes to bed since we've been home) but to see his face with all that excitment and happiness makes it worth it...aaaand to see him race it is a little sexy!! :)   

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fair Time!!

I can't believe how the fast the time has flown by and that my little man is already big enough to ride some rides all by himself and eat a corndog all by himself!!  We had such a great time and Jaxin had a blast on all the rides...he even did the spinning strawberries with Daddy!  Love my family and I cannot wait till next year when we have two babes at the fair!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Art & Balloon Fest September 2011 (a little late)

on our way to the balloon festival, this was also bubby's frist trip getting to face forward in his car seat!!

this was the balloon that auntie lish, devon, and jeanne helped send up over the weekend!

the only meltdown we had all night was when the train stopped and it was time to get off

it was so pretty when they all lit up together but i wasn't very good with the trigger!

this is what we do...

watch movies...



and watch movies :)

We are also eating at the table like a big boy as well as going potty on the big boy potty much more frequently!! 

the official big day!!!

since mommy and daddy had to work on bubby's birthday this year, i wanted to get up super early to make him a special breakfast...chocolate chip mickey mouse pancakes on his "buzz" plate!!  he tore them up!!

even though we did have to work, we were able to get off a little early so that we didn't get home too terribly late and could still take him to do the fun stuff we wanted to do with him...

i think we've started a new tradition of taking him to steak'n'shake for his birthday dinner since it's where we've taken him for his first two birthdays!!

I wanted to do something special for him since we weren't at a place that sings and you get a free somethin' somethin' on your big day and since he LOVES "taw-bee" and "mm's" we decided to get him a strawberry- m&m milkshake which he. tore. up!!

he wanted to pick the m&m's off first...

then he got himself the cherry :)

we look over and he was face-deep in milkshake!!  we just busted up laughing looking at him holding that big honkin' glass up all by himself...hilarious!!

then we thought that since he already has one chipped tooth he doesn't need another :)

after dinner, we took him to get some new fish for his fish tank!  then we took him to see santa!!  he did very good with santa...he wasn't sure at first but then santa asked him for a high five and it was all good from there...well until after the picture was taken and santa started talking then he was off the knee and bolting to mommy :)  we also went and got our pictures taken in one of those photo booths...the majority of them jaxin's face is cut off becuase he is a smidge short haha!

then when we got home it was time for cake (ice cream got pitched when we left it in the fridge at the community house after bubby's birthday party ) with some really great friends erin, pipp, and tanner, grani jani, and even auntie lish got to join!!

it cracks me up because as soon as he sees the cake he tries to blow out the least he knows what he's doing!

miss her!!!!

checking out the new fish...don't worry the tank isn't really that dirty ha!  we got a little bitty sucker fish and jaxin was trying to follow him on the glass with his little finger and cracking up because that little thing would zing all over the place!!

we had such an AWESOME evening and i still can't believe he's TWO!!!